a very big lesson of "caveat emptor"

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a very big lesson of "caveat emptor"

Postby Smokeysmoggy » 20 May 2018, 19:59

Having ran out of charcoal, given yesterday was a beautiful day here in smoggyland, the barbecue was fired up.

Given it was quite late and I had hungry other half, i decided to lump it (pun intended) , with Tesco lump wood.

So how did it go?

Well opening the bag, it looked promising some decent sized chunks sitting on the top, but being sceptical, i emptied the lot out onto a bin bag.... here we go welcome to crapville.....a good third of the bag was dust and too small a piece.
So I spent a good chunk of time pulling out the useable chunks, out of 5kg I probably got half a bag maybe more of something passable.

No matter, it's only for a quick cook off.

so onto lighting, using my usual method of 3 rolled up sheets of newspaper stacked on top of each other and pulling the charcoal around, time to light, within minutes it caught, and quickly set about becoming ready....although a little too ready.....the amount of snap crackles and pops would make a box of rice crispies feel inferior, spitting and sparking was no one's business.

luckily nothing caught fire but as a word of warning I would not use this next anything dry or your barbecue might end up resembling the great Chicago fire.

once the bling dramatics had worn off it was actually decent to cook on, gave a good sear, and performed half decently for a meal for two, gave a nice taste so the 2 points I was happy about.

All in all will I buy it again.....emphatically no.

yes it gave a decent cook and nice flavour but the fact a good third of the bag was dust, the very real hazard of fire this presents due to all the popping and sparking, and the price (£5 for 5kg) just isn't worth it's good points.

If the quality control was much improved and a lot less spits and sparks, i would say this would be a decent lump, but at the moment....no.

sure it's ok for a one off when nothing else is available but as to stocking up on it.... save your money and buy elsewhere.

Happily after some research I have found a company called ever burning charcoal and I am going to sample their wares when I get paid.....will report back when that happens.
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