Kamado grill

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Kamado grill

Postby ParatusBBQ » 13 May 2015, 08:19

Hi guys,

I currently have a Weber 57 and I love it. I am looking expand my toys. I have seen lots about the BGE, however, they are out of my price range.
Then I saw on Amazon egg type grills. Does anyone know anything about them? used them? etc?http://www.amazon.co.uk/Kamado-Barbecue-Grill-Smoker-Ceramic/dp/B00UMQRYYM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1431505110&sr=8-1&keywords=kamado

There is a huge gulf in the prices so I just wondered what people thought...
Got Wood!
Got Wood!
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Re: Kamado grill

Postby Jash Monolith » 01 Jun 2015, 10:43

These are auplex ones, the lowest end of kamados. Feel free to search for Auplex reviews rather than me give you what some might assume to be biased info.
If you want any info on Monolith just let me know
Jash Monolith
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Got Wood!
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