Pitmaster competitions are fun family affairs which take place over the course of a whole weekend. Friday nights are all about socialising with some good friends and a few drinks, then on Saturday the serious work of prepping and firing up the smokers takes place. Ingredients are cooked over night and presented for judging around midday Sunday. There are four main categories, chicken, pork ribs, Pork shoulder and brisket. There are also bonus categories covering numerous side dishes.

Having been the driving force behind barbeque in the UK for many years our events are recognised by the worlds most prestigious BBQ competitions and the Grand Champion from each event will be invited to the American Royal Invitational and gain a bung draw to the Jack Daniels Invitational in Lynchburg Tennessee. The quality of teams taking part in our events and representing the UK in various world championships has improved dramatically over the years and we hope that these improvements will continue to be seen.

Competitions are just one of our specialities, our primary aim is to grow and develop barbecue in the UK and to aid this we run a series of classes. Our Grassroots Shake & Sauce package has been so well received that the spaces sell out well before the events take place.

Pitmaster barbecue competitions the reason UK teams are the most successful in Europe

Pitmaster barbecue competitions the reason UK teams are the most successful in Europe

Competition Guide

We appreciate that people might look at the Pitmasters rules and run away from the thought of competing due to the complexity. We have therefore put together a cheat sheet it covers all of the main rules to adhere to, remember the British BBQ Society is not only a competition circuit but a social network of enthusiast who will offer advice throughout the weekend. We are here to help.

The Most Important Things To Remember At A BBQ Contest…

When you arrive set up your camp, you will be there for at least 24 hours.

Once the cooks’ meeting has taken place, one person must remain within your cooking area at all times

Synchronise your watch with the competition clock at the cooks’ meeting

Do Not Smoke in your cooking area

Remember always wear disposable gloves every time you handle food

After the cooks’ meeting, trim and rub up your meat

Smoke brisket and pork over night

Get some sleep

Start smoking ribs and chicken early morning (rest pork & brisket wrapped in foil and a towel inside a cooler)

Prepare presentation boxes in advance of turn-in

Be sure not to miss the 10 minute turn-in window for each category

What to bring to a competition

Aprons Ash Bucket Camping Stove
Awning/Tent Barbeque Rub Barbeque Sauce
Torch Batteries Bedding
Beer Bleach Brushes
Sun Cream Charcoal Plastic Cups
Dish pans Dish rags Washing Up Liquid
Duct tape Dust masks Fire Extinguisher
Heat Resistant Gloves First Aid Kit Foil
Food for meals Ice Cool Box
Juice Knives Chairs
Disinfecting Wipes Lettuce Lighter
Marinades Kitchen Roll Parsley
Pots and Pans Rain Coats Clingfilm
Kettle Disposable Gloves Smoker
Soap Soft Drinks Spatulas
Spray Surface Cleaner Sunglasses Tablecloth
Thermometers Tongs Tools
Hand Towels Bin Bags Tea Towels
Drinking Water Wood Chopping Boards
6′ Prep Table

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