International BBQ Network

The International BBQ Network (IBQN), is a company dedicated to sanctioning and promoting all aspects of barbecue including competitions, training and media, not only in the UK, but on an international level


The International BBQ Network has 5 years of running competitions in the UK via the British BBQ Society, catered numerous large events and runs successful judging and cooking seminars.

Not only do we have fully qualified judges and ambassadors, we also have a great team following in the UK and a great network through mainland Europe to make your event an instant success.

Whether you are thinking about holding a barbecue competition, looking for some guidance, or require barbecue experts for an event such as demonstration or media opportunity, we should be your first port of call.


It is important for us to continue our support of barbecue growth in the UK and therefore will continue to fund and host the British BBQ Society & Outdoor Foodie Forum


All of our PitMasters events qualify for the American Royal Invitational, probably the biggest event of its kind, and a bung to be entered into the Jack Daniels Invitational draw.

Please feel  free to browse our site, we are adding information constantly and of course, have a look at the British BBQ Society& Outdoor Foodie Forum forum here.

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