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The International BBQ Network is the most credible barbecue organisation outside the US and Canada. Not only do we sanction numerous competitions in Europe every year alongside our cooking and judging seminars, we are the single source of funding for the British BBQ Society which has changed the face of BBQ in the UK over the last 4 years.

Our focus for 2012 has changed to give partners maximum exposure and the following public events have been added to our competition diary.

The Surrey County Show (Guildford), attendance in 2011 40,000

Paddle around the pier (Brighton), attendance in 2011 50,000

Cartmel Race Weekend (Lake District), attendance in 2011 30,000

The Big BBQ (Essex), new event, anticipate audience 10,000 (limit set at 30,000)

Your brand has the opportunity to become involved with The International BBQ Network in several capacities in 2012.

International BBQ Network Partners

IBQN are looking for a series of partners for the 2012 season. We are the primary BBQ authority in the UK running the biggest, most well attended events in the country and providing British teams to compete in the world championships in America.

Recipe Competition Prizes (single)

IBQN will be running a monthly recipe competition and require prizes as an incentive for people to send in their recipes. Competition will be launched in February on our new web site

International Team Support (multiple)

IBQN will be sending 4 teams to events in America including 2 places at the Jack Daniels Invitational, the most prestigious BBQ competition in the world and the American Royal, the worlds biggest. We are looking for multiple partners to help support the teams by raising money to help equip them stateside.

IBQN PitMasters Series package (multiple)

We are looking for premium sponsors for each of our events. A bespoke solution will be assembled as per your company’s requirements. We are looking to create prize funds for each event to act as an incentive to draw it not only teams but to aid raising awareness of the public.

Examples are

Mayhem in May, Tongham, Surrey

This has been a closed event for the last 3 years. This year we are opening it up to forum members and other BBQ enthusiasts. Your brand would be promoted heavily on all web sites and social media. This is a great opportunity to have the competition named after your brand.

The Big BBQ, Canvey Island, Essex

This will be one of the biggest BBQ events of the year, attracting teams from all over Europe with a European Jack Daniels Invitational place up for grabs this has the unique opportunity for any company wishing to promote their brand on a European scale.

Ready Steady Q (RSQ) & Kids Q Partners

We are running rounds of RSQ and Kids Q at the majority of events that we will be sanctioning in 2012. We are looking for several partners for the season including

Main BBQ Sponsor (single)

We will require 10 gas BBQ’s (including gas bottles) to be used for all rounds of Ready Steady Q and Kids Q. Your products will be seen throughout the country by audiences in excess of 100,000 over the season.  At each of our events you will be allocated an area to promote your product range.

Produce Sponsor (single)

We are looking for a key sponsor for all meat and vegetables for RSQ and Kids Q for the 2012 season.

We run rounds of 10 competitor’s upto 5 times a day. For each round we would require a mystery main ingredient, plus produce for our market.  We currently have 6 days booked in with 300 competitors, this is likely to increase during the season.

Knife Sponsor (single)

Ready Steady Q and Kids Q require 10 sets of 3 knives, 1 for Veg, 1 for uncooked meat and one for cooked.

Sundry Sponsors (multiple)

To include seasoning, sauces, oils etc

Please note we will also use all sponsored products in any press and photo shoots that take place during the year.  Your logo will be added to all websites, Facebook pages and will be referred to by our Twitter accounts throughout the year. We are also in talks with a TV production company, discussing a new format BBQ show, have cooking classes run by the likes of Adam Perry Lang and are currently developing 2 BBQ cook books.

Over the last 12 months across our portfolio

We receive on average 7,000 unique visitors per month

Over 1200 unique Facebook followers

Over 1300 unique Twitter followers

In 2011, competitions were held in front of 50,000 spectators

In 2012, with our new venues (based on 2011 figures) we have 130,000 potential spectators

Press articles read in the millions