BBBQS Team For The 2010 American Royal

It’s that time of year again, the Pit Masters season is approaching its finale and the British BBQ Society are preparing to send a team to the American Royal Barbecue to compete in both the Invitational and Open competitions.

The American Royal Barbecue is the largest competition in the world, attracting nearly 500 teams for the open event. It is also considered to be one of the BBQ ‘Majors’ and to win it is one of the biggest achievements possible in the BBQ world. We sent a team out last year, for most members it was their first time cooking in America and while it was a baptism of fire, the team members learned a lot about American competition BBQ.

This year the team has grown in numbers, allowing more BBBQs members to get a taste of American competition BBQ. The team is as follows:

  • Toby Shea              – British BBQ Society
  • Adie Platts             – Bite The Bullet BBQ
  • Steve Heyes           – Royal Q Pit Crew
  • Chris McQuillan      – Stick t’ Kettle On BBQ
  • Cuan Brown            – BBQ Fanatics
  • Neil Welsh              – Royal Q Pit Crew
  • Ben Cops                – BBQ Fanatics

With only seven weeks to go until the guys fly out, everyone’s getting pretty excited. We’ll post some more news between now and the point the team flies out and the guys will be blogging live from Kansas on this site, so stay tuned.