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The British BBQ Society & Outdoor Foodie Forum

Setup in 2008 by Toby Shea, a BBQ enthusiast of many years, the British BBQ Society is the primary barbecue forum in the UK. It is free to use and covers all aspects of barbecue, from grilling to low and slow, competitions to classes and now incorporates “The Outdoor Foodie Forum” including Wood Fired Ovens (Clay Ovens), Fiery Food, Seasonal Fair, and all aspects of outdoor cooking!

We host numerous social and charitable events throughout the year. Our primary aims are to promote great BBQ food in the UK and have some fun doing so. We support a number of local and national charities, after all the social aspect of BBQ is just as important as the food.

If you would like further information of any aspect of the British BBQ Society please feel free to browse the site or If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us

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