Experienced Pitmaster looking for a job

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Experienced Pitmaster looking for a job

Postby Mr Beard » 14 Feb 2017, 12:06

My name is John Beard, I am a Chef of many years experience of restaurants and events and am in love with food, learning, teaching and feeding. I spend a few times a year heading off to different countries in order to learn from the locals in a home environment to truly understand the traditions of said countries. Now about 6 months ago I relocated to Newcastle and left everything important to me back in Leeds for a company that were unfortunately (unbeknownst to me) failing and like so many others was made redundant. As a result I am now in a super sticky spot in a part of the Country where I do not know anybody and have no job to feed my passion. What I loved most about my previous roles was the amount of knowledge I got to impart upon people and turning people around to truly love food and be excited to learn, cook and eat.
So after hearing the wonderful news of my redundancy I am writing this email. The purpose of it? I want to work with someone......anywhere!! By that I mean I want to help improve the knowledge of everyday people. I have far too much passion for it to go to waste and the knowledge I have gained so far could help so many people!

I have an extensive knowledge of authentic American smokehouse BBQ through my years of working, travelling and competing in America and the UK.

Below is a link to my online portfolio, blog and You Tube channel. All I ask is that you look at it and consider me for any appropriate (or inappropriate!) role you see me fit for.....I love to travel, learn and be constantly challenged mentally and physically so throw anything at me!

I have ZERO commitments as of now and would happily consider relocating if the terms were right.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrSBMB ... 0d-Fe_PlOw

Many Thanks!
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