Double Bud Combo

Double Bud Combo

Postby » 14 Jul 2013, 19:44

Image Moist crisp skinned Beer Can Chicken, smoky bud braised pork ribs, an outstanding combo for this amazing BBQ summer we are experiencing, now come on, who’s still BBQing only sausages and burgers, come on over here have a look at this little lot and have a go for yourself, you only need a BBQ with a lid with enough room for the beer can chicken to be sat upright. I used a dry BBQ rub, I’ve posted my recipe on here frequently or use a good commercial rub on both the thick cut pork ribs, I ask for a layer of belly to be left on mine, and chicken, leave both for a few hours to soak up the flavour of the rub. I then lit the BBQ for low indirect smoking, you can do this with the coals to one side, or on a dedicated BBQ/smoker such as this Kamado Joe, and tossed on some apple and pecan wood to smoke. Start the ribs off cooking at 110-120 deg C for 4 hours with the lid down. Then wrap in foil and pour in half a large can of bud, usually I’d say drink the other half, but in this case it will be a majestic throne for your bird. Pop the ribs on and cook for a half an hour. At this point mount the chicken on the half empty beer can and place upright in the smoker, and replace the lid. After half an hour remove the ribs from the foil, and smother with your BBQ sauce of choice before returning to the BBQ. Increase the heat to 140-150degC for an hour. The chicken should be cooked through and crisp skinned, and the ribs should be tender and moist but with a lovely smoky bark. Enjoyed with slaw, homemade bread and a cold Bud. Cheers Marcus

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