Retro BBQ Burgers and Dogs

Retro BBQ Burgers and Dogs

Postby » 14 May 2013, 05:55

  So guys, BBQ season is in full swing here at CountryWoodSmoke, hopefully you’ve managed to light up at least a couple yourself. Sometimes the good old British BBQ  gets some stick, burnt sausages, burnt chicken raw on the inside, cheap burgers that halve in size when cooked. There’s nothing at all wrong with a good simple BBQ, burgers and hot dogs, but if you are going to cook these, there’s no reason not to make them great, I used some wonderful wagyu beef and buffalo burgers and huge cajun beef dogs from my friendly local butcher, I made sure to cook them on a medium hot BBQ with a lid to control the cooking and reduce flare ups so they were cooked to perfection. Cheers Marcus Image Image

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