Fancy yourself as a food critic?

Fancy yourself as a food critic?

Postby » 07 Mar 2013, 10:03

Its that time again to start looking towards the PitMasters low and Slow events and a huge part of those events are our judges.

The judges training day will take place on Saturday 13th April and the cost as always will be kept to a minimal, we estimate between £15 – £20 per head, although will not know the final figure until we purchase the meat.

We do not make money from our judges courses or the PitMasters series, its all about giving as many people as possible the opportunity to take part and have a great time with like-minded people.

We once again will be offering a package to help new competitors in a similar fashion to last year, details will be posted separately.

Why IBQN over others? We keep our costs lower, we do not expect you to pay annually for the privilege of giving up your time to make our events a success and we are in the position to run more events in the UK than any other sanctioning body.

The course will take place between 11am – 3pm at IBQN HQ, GU10 1BP

To register your interest in the judges course please email

Re: Fancy yourself as a food critic?

Postby Toby » 05 Apr 2013, 12:13

Hi Everyone,

Final roll call is happening soon for the judges class. Appreciate those that have already signed up. For judges that attend this class and will be judging at Brands Hatch we are subsidizing twin rooms at the thistle brands hatch as an additional thank you due to judging taking place over two days!

email with any quesitons
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