Cocoshell Supagrill briquettes for sale.

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Cocoshell Supagrill briquettes for sale.

Postby Petesmeat » 15 Oct 2013, 21:18

Hi Everyone, I hope this is the right forum section.

I, like everyone else, is having trouble finding decent charcoal or briquettes now that its christmas season and not barbecue season.

So ive taken it upon myself to rectify the problem. I have 20 10kg bags of supagrill cocoshell briquettes coming my way.

Who wants one? To cover the shipping to me im gonna have to charge 15 quid a bag, thats 1.50 a kilo. Could do a better price if you wanted more than one bag.

I live near High Wycombe, pick up from me is welcome, or I can take it to the meetup at Tobys place on the 16th. I can ship them too if you like but 10,20,30kg packages, not that cheap. We can cost it up if you want though.

So, first come first served, im not too keen on having more than 20 bags here so once they are gone, they are gone. Im not making any money on this so im not going to do it regularly.

Got Wood!
Got Wood!
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