Chicken Kebabs

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Chicken Kebabs

Postby BaronVanDuck » 02 May 2018, 07:34


After finally getting my own place again i'm looking forward to getting my Smoker Out through the Bank Holiday Weekend. Got some Ribs and Pulled Pork planned for Saturday and a nice piece of Salmon to try on the Sunday.

For Friday (As i am off that day as well) i was thinking of trying one of those Chicken Kebabs I've seen floating around the various Facebook food pages. Basically this is marinading Chicken Thighs say 12-15 and then stacking them up on Kebab Skewers so that it looks like one of the Chicken Kebabs you see in the Kebab Houses.

My question is how long do you think it would take to smoke a stack of Chicken Thighs.. or shall i just shoot for 167 internal temp? Probably looking to go a little longer than if i was cooking single thighs on the grill i guess to make sure it all cooks through?

Has anyone tried this before?

I'll be using a WSM 22 along with a Party Q.

This is what i have seen online.... obviously make it look a damn site better than this. Maybe layer it with some Large Onions and top with a Beef Tomato. ... ing-world/

Thanks and have a good day.
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