Blind Finches

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Blind Finches

Postby LM600 » 03 Mar 2011, 22:04

OK, so haven't done these on a Q yet but have done them on the hob...yeah, I know they're somewhat braised but I reckon these could come out pretty good if done nice and easy....

Steak, pounded out
Minced pork - with your choice of herbs and or seasoning or just plain
Bavarian Ham or another heavy smoked,thin sliced ham

Take a piece of steak and place a piece of ham on it
Spread some of the pork mince over the ham
Roll up and tuck the ends in to make a kind of parcel shape....don't be too precious!
Tie with some string to keep their voila, you've just made a blind finch!

Now, what I normally do with these is sear them to a nice caramelly colour , remove from the pan and deglaze with some Belgian beer (tripel ;) ) add some onion, shrooms, roux and stock.

Bring to a good simmer, stirring up all the frond and good stuff from the bottom of the pan.

Add the finches back into the pan with any juice, turn the heat right down, cover and cook until done and tender.

So....what I'm thinking would be cool is.....

Make the finches up, place these on the top rack of the E20 (Not Eastenders....)

Make up the gravy as above and put this in a pan (obviously) on the bottom rack of the E20

Cook with mesquite at around - not sure....250°F - 300°F???

Again, not sure on time

When the finches are cooked, add them to the gravy and leave to infuse and entwine on a low heat and covered until they have absorbed some of the liquid and have given some the gravy some beefy, porky, mesquite-y flavour

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