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Christmas Help

PostPosted: 16 Dec 2015, 04:43
by only charcoal
Im an expat in Bahrain struggling with the size of the ovens here! I plan on cooking a 5kg fresh turkey on the Kettle BBQ over either charcoal or Briquettes its a big old thing 120cm by 90 cm so plenty of room . Advice needed as I have 6 to feed and also a pork joint to cook, the oven is reserved for the trimmings. Never cooked a bird this big >>>>> and I don't want to poison every one!

THanks in advance OC

Re: Christmas Help

PostPosted: 23 Dec 2015, 13:14
by essexsmoker
What sort if unit is it? Where are the vents?
Main thing is to keeo the heat down one end anf the bird at the other. To feed 6 people on your first bash is brave. I think I'd spatchcock it to be safe. Wont look quite as good but be much safer and cook quicker.
Never done a turkey but if anything like chicken you have a problem. I'd do the turkey hot and fast anf the pork low and slow!