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British Bulldog BBQ

Postby British Bulldog BBQ » 20 Oct 2009, 17:31

Hi All,

I am Toby from Tongham, Surrey. I started “British Bulldog BBQ” to compete in the British BBQ Championships, held in 2008, I have since removed myself from competition BBQ to set up the British BBQ Society.

I consider BBQ as anything cooked over wood or coals and look forward to reading about different styles of cooking that I have not come across or considered.

It has been a great year with 2 competitions and a couple of socials not to mention a trip to the American Royal.

The best part of society life is the friends I have made over the last 18 months. Although we get together to compete, we never lose sight of the social aspect of the weekends.


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British Bulldog BBQ
Got Wood!
Got Wood!
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Re: British Bulldog BBQ

Postby Spice » 21 Oct 2009, 17:36

Sorry I missed seeing you at the Royal !! Alway nice to meet some new folks.
Got Wood!
Got Wood!
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