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Kansas city

PostPosted: 24 Apr 2016, 16:49
by batvan
Gonna be a in Kansas City for 3 days in September to maybe sample some barbecue. I'm after some advice on the best area to stay in that's good for afew bars maybe live music. Not gonna be goin for nightlife but just somewhere central or even further afield where we can nip out for afew drinks of an evening and be drivable to the best BBQ and sites.We'll AV a car so getting to the BBQ won't be a problem. Kc just seems to be a difficult one to suss as downtown gets bad reviews n its all a it spread out. Sure someone on ere will AV already Sussed it out n can offer some advice. Ta

Re: Kansas city

PostPosted: 25 Apr 2016, 09:57
I was there for work in March and had to make the most of my time!

Joe's is a must - the original Gas Station venue
Q39 was also Top 5 ever! And slightly fancier environment if the OH is complaining about all these BBQ joints

The big regret is not making it to Jack Stacks as I have tried their rubs before and they are ace.

Old Westport is a pretty trendy area to hang out, drinks, music and maybe a good place to stay, but don't trust the hipster BBQ when there is so much other good stuff

On the music front I went for some Jazz at Green Lady Lounge - they even do a radio shwo fromt here I believe

On the hidden Gem front that you would never find, and maybe never enter as a tourist go for "Pho KC" ... e&ie=UTF-8 I had the brisket Pho and it was the best ever

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PostPosted: 26 Apr 2016, 10:33
by GingerBen
Never been there but please don't leave without visiting Arthur Bryants - meant to be the daddy of KC BBQ.

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PostPosted: 26 Apr 2016, 16:36
by Toby
The list above is really good, I have been there a few times, even with a puncture I crawled to joes for the zman.

Give Arthur Bryants a miss it really isn't any good. It has history but not worth traveling for. For a fun area go to the power and light district. I have had some fantastic nights there, everything from live music to a Harley club get together which must have had a thousand bikes around the streets. Look it up in advance to see what's on

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PostPosted: 26 Apr 2016, 19:51
by Swindon_Ed
We've stayed in North KC at the Harrah's, Downtown at the Marriot and in best westerns and holiday inns around KC. It's all very close and even when we were in North KC we could be down town in 20 Minutes.

When in KC, you've got to have breakfast at Town Topic. Go for a haystack sandwich with a side of gravy ;)

Agree with Toby, Arther Bryant's was the worst bbq joint we visited.

Stroud's is great for fried chicken but is a little way out of town.

Q38 is really good, and the ribs at Gates are supposed to be great too.

Grinders was it's average at best

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PostPosted: 27 Apr 2016, 05:19
by batvan
Great stuff thanks! Will check these out n hopefully get hotels booked at the weekend :D

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PostPosted: 28 Apr 2016, 08:47
by GingerBen
Ignore me then lol, as I said not been but had heard good things. Clearly doesn't live up to its rep.

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PostPosted: 28 Apr 2016, 18:06
by batvan
GingerBen wrote:Ignore me then lol, as I said not been but had heard good things. Clearly doesn't live up to its rep.

Haha yeah sounds abit like kreuz in Lockhart!