Blooma BBQ Spares

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Blooma BBQ Spares

Postby KeithP » 20 Jun 2013, 21:42

I have a Blooma Ultar 3 Burner BBQ which I purchased last year, but trying to get spares for it is a nightmare.

Recently it blew over in the wind and snapped the stem on the Gas control valve which feeds in from the gas tube to the burner.

I phoned B&Q and they gave me a number for It finally got through to them (Only open Mon, Wed & Fri 10-3pm) and they informed me that they hadn't got he part or couldn't tell me if they would ever stock it or get any again.

Miffed with their response, I phone B&Q back and asked for further advise and all they could suggest was Ebay or call again to see if any other parts would fit it.

Can anyone suggest anywhere else to obtain spares for Blooma BBQ's? otherwise I may aswell tae the thing down my local recycling centre.

Thanks for any suggestions!
Still Raw Inside
Still Raw Inside
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