BBQ Definitions - Pellet Cookers

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BBQ Definitions - Pellet Cookers

Postby British BBQ Society » 10 Oct 2010, 12:16

Over View of Pellet Cookers

Wood pellets are a byproduct of the wood industry that can be used to heat or for cooking. Wood pellets, held in a small hopper are moved into the cooking chamber by a mechanical auger. In the centre of the cooking chamber is a small fire-pot with a small electric heating element. During the ignition the heat element (for approximately 3 minutes) ignites the pellets to create the cooking heat and the smoke.

Years of design improvements and practical testing have improved pellet cookers to the point of being some of the best outdoor cooking equipment on the market.

The wood pellets that this unit runs on are specialized fuel and you will need a good source of these to run your smoker, we are currently limited to 2 suppliers in the country and the current price is high.
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