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Re: Weber Smokey Mountain

Postby BraaiMeesterWannabe » 06 May 2017, 07:04

davidb wrote:I managed to negotiate a staff discount from Riverside where a friend's sister-in-law works. It's in the garden being seasoned as I type!!

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Enjoy ;)
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Re: Weber Smokey Mountain

Postby cryo » 06 May 2017, 10:42

A good dual display thermometer with probes for BBQ temp and meat temp is the Thermopro range I have the TP-08 and it has been well used over a few years with no problems. I have used a few other probe units but they generally have a fair failure rate on the probes and I find the Thermopro probes to be long lasting up to now (touch wood :D ). Once you use a multiple probe remote thermometer unit there is no going back as it frees you to do other things whilst the BBQ gets on with the job and it also gives you a far better insight as to whats going on inside your smoker/BBQ which leads to a far better understanding as to whats happening and therefore a far better control of the process. I find that built in the thermometers give you a poor indication as to whats happening in your smoker/BBQ as there are both vertical and horizontal temperature gradients in all smoker/BBQ's. I use a visions comodo egg which is very stable and easy to regulate but I can still see a temp gradient between the lower and upper grids using a probe unit which you would be unaware of if relying on the inbuilt temp unit.

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