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PostPosted: 28 Jun 2015, 07:40
by UKEgger
I know its not as sexy as a new bbq or pit controller etc but picked these up in Sainsbury the other day as I had ran out and they are excellent... ... hes-26-pcs

Re: Firelighter

PostPosted: 28 Jun 2015, 09:59
by Kiska95
Good shout worth a try ;)

Re: Firelighter

PostPosted: 01 Jul 2015, 15:52
by dannysmith43
Nice, I'm always on the look out for natural firelighters. I'm using these; ... AgDn8P8HAQ

Bit more expensive, they are wood shavings with wax to keep them burning longer. I really like them, I've been using 1 of these per chimney with some newspaper that's got some sunflower oil on it. Never fails to light now!