Home Made air powered sausage stuffer.

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Home Made air powered sausage stuffer.

Postby rib-o-lator » 09 Dec 2012, 03:26

a few months back i tried making sausage this my maverick meat grinder. it ground the pork butt just fine but when i added the sausage attachment and tried stuffing it, it was a big pain, so i stopped and thunk how i could do it better and faster.

and then the light bulb went off and i was off to home depot to get what i needed. i got a 2' long piece of 4" abs with 2 end caps. and a 2" threaded reducer. and 1 3" end cap.

on one end cap i threaded a hole for a air fitting with a control valve. on the other end cap i drilled out about a 1" hole in the center and glued the threaded reducer over the hole. this was so i could use the sausage cone from my maverick. (it worked great).

i double cleaned all parts and then began the assembly. i put the end cap with the cone attachment on and screwed it to the tube. i then inserted 15LBs of seasoned ground pork into the tube, then i inserted the 3" end cap behind the meat as a piston (it fit nice) then i put on the end cap with the air fitting and screwed it on.

i put on the casings and turned on the compressor and by just barley opening the air valve it pushed the 3" end cap/piston and the sausage emerged. i emptied the 15lbs in less than 5min. the longest part was having to stop and put on more casing.

now i can already hear the purest saying that abs isn't food grade and my inerds are going to rot and fall off bla-bla-bla! but if you think about it, what is abs used for? to carry poop. what was poop? FOOD! thus food grade.

and the brats tasted great. and just a side note, if you open the air valve all the way it makes a nice meat cannon. i'm still pickin pork of the side of the garage.

but it think for my first time it turned out good. now gimme your thoughts.

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