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Re: New Smokey Joe

Postby keith157 » 08 Sep 2012, 10:34

Swindon_Ed wrote:
aris wrote:I'm wondering why they don't sell the go-anywhere here in the UK:

They used to but a new UK health & safety law came in last year which meant they had to stop selling it, something to the distance the handle was from the main body of the lid.

I had a look at it on the above link, and they are covering themselves with a caveat of always using a bbq mitt when raising the lid.
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Re: New Smokey Joe

Postby Pecker » 09 Sep 2012, 10:23

Just doing a bit of searching. This one: ... -showcase/


"Weber also launched additions to its portable range, including Jumbo Joe, a larger version of the portable Smokey Joe range. It has a 47cm cooking grate and a "Tuck-Away" to lock the lid in place for carrying. A rust-proof aluminium lid and bowl vent provide airflow. Other launches include a portable charcoal table and a portable chimney starter."

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Re: New Smokey Joe

Postby SmokeyBBQYum » 11 Sep 2012, 15:04

yeah Weber seem to have a few new items to release next year.

Jumbo Joe and new Spirit range of gas bbqs.
I spotted the jumbo Joe and a few other items lurking on here ready for next year

Plus the new Weber Spirit BBQ for 2013
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