Jack Rabbits - Knutsford

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Jack Rabbits - Knutsford

Postby PDC7 » 10 Nov 2015, 12:52

Jack rabbits - an American style smoke house in the middle of knutsford.

Service 10 /10 - Cant fault it, good service and the staff are enthusiastic.

Food 9 /10 - The Texas brisket chilli was really nice, it carries a deep heat that takes a minute to arrive but doesn't overwhelm. I had the bag of bones (I literally got a bag) 3 different types of ribs, wings and chicken quarters. All the meat was good, the ribs were tender, the wings juicy but I always get bored of large pieces of chicken, it would be better for me if it was wings and thighs or drummers. Although there was no REALLY obvious deep smoke ring the food was vey tasty but I think its the sauces that set this place apart, clever, well put together sauces, no dropping some ketchup off and running, you get a tray with different home made sauces to drench your food in!!!]

Well worth a visit
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Got Wood!
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