The "Pit Smoke House" Culcheth / Glazebury

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The "Pit Smoke House" Culcheth / Glazebury

Postby PDC7 » 10 Nov 2015, 12:46

I recently went to the Pit Smoke House and had a really good meal, here's my Review:

Service 10 / 10 these guys advertise the truth, they've not been in the hospitality business before, they are avid BBQ fans and they sell what they like to eat, and serve and treat you how they would like to be served, top marks.

Food 8 / 10 (this is better than it sounds, I only have 2 places I've ever marked 10 / 10 for food). Hands down the best pulled pork I have ever had, well seasoned and the right amount of BBQ sauce, not over whelming. Brisket - I really don't care about brisket, never have, however my partner loves Brisket and she claims this is the best brisket she has ever tasted, nice bark, deep smoke ring, good texture. Mac and Cheese - nothing special. Pit beans - I wouldn't know, they never turned up, and I forgot they were supposed to be on my platter Doh!!. Chicken wings - amazing, great sauce, tender but very little pink smoke ring. Ribs - My partner says these were great, really good, however I like spare ribs with loads of meat so I never look favourably on baby backs.

Definitely worth a visit if your every in the area
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