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Southern Eleven - Spinningfields, Manchester

PostPosted: 30 Jan 2015, 12:44
by PDC7
Last Sunday I tried Southern Eleven - Spinningfields, Manchester as there was a special offer on of 40% off food bill if you eat before 4pm, so here goes:

Not a very busy place but over heard them turning away a walk in with a "1 hours wait" we had pre booked and 5 mins after seating tables were opening up....

Dark inside, not very well lit, some strange cross of industrial unit meets random what someone thinks a texas smoke house would look like, interesting d├ęcor (neon sign says "need no teef to eat my beef").

Service...well to be honest they were nice enough, but we were left with distinct impression they didn't really care or couldn't be bothered, which annoys me, parking in a city centre is expensive, food is expensive, they could at least try to work for a tip...

Food...The jalapeno corn bread was nice (different / interesting but nice), the chicken wing starter I had was decent, to me I felt it had been kept warm and the BBQ sauce was too sweet. The mains...smokehouse chicken was properly cooked lovely and pink colouring (server did not look impressed when he started to explain why it was pink and I finished his sentence for him) very moist but not much if any smoke flavour, which was surprising, the Hickory belly pork was very good, but with the bbq sauce on it I again did not taste any smoke flavour, the brisket could have been more tender and the garlic sausage was too small saying that though the chips were nice!.

Overall it was ok, I will probably not bother going back, over priced and under whelming, now it leaves me wanting to try Red's True BBQ up near the town hall, when I eventually get there I will let you know.

My Rating - 5/10 wont be in a rush to return