Dukes Brew n Cue 26/1/2015

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Dukes Brew n Cue 26/1/2015

Postby JBBQ » 28 Jan 2015, 18:57

It was my birthday, I love beer, I love BBQ, was landing in City Airport from a weekend in Seville AND they had a Meaty Mondays promotion in January for 20% off the bill perfect storm.

Individual elements (out of 10)
Pork rib: 5
Pulled Pork: 6
Beef Rib: 7.5
Fried Pickles: 8
Chili Fries: 7

Beers: 8.5

General ambiance/friendliness: 7.5

It's a great place, but for me would normally be quite a detour (this trip made it a minor detour!). Met a manager called Hannah who really knew her beer and bbq stuff so we were confident we'd be getting what we want.
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