The Tasting Room, London

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The Tasting Room, London

Postby gingerchris » 04 Dec 2014, 17:47

Visited The Tasting Room last night, a literal pop-up bar/restaurant and ice rink by Liverpool Street station. The food is by Smokestak so I had pretty high hopes and ordered four sampler platters between the four of us that were dining. They offer two sizes of sampler, a small, with a pulled pork slider, wings, ribs and some sides at £12 and a large with all of the above, a brisket slider and a beef rib for £24. Both prices are per person, with a minimum of two people.

The pork ribs were good, nice and meaty, sliders and sides were also good but the beef rib was a massive let down. I was a bit confused when a beef rib bone was on the plate with no meat on it, but then realised the cubes of beef next to it were apparently the rib meat, but had been cooked separately and were more like burnt ends (not a bad thing, but not what I was expecting). And for £48, you only get one 'rib' on your platter.

I think I'll be sticking to Duke's Brew and Que for my beef rib fill, those guys do it very well indeed.
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