South Street Kitchen, Gillingham, Dorset

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South Street Kitchen, Gillingham, Dorset

Postby BraaiMeesterWannabe » 24 Nov 2014, 22:06

Have eaten here a few times now and impressed every time. They describe themselves as "an exciting urban restaurant in the old streets of Gillingham specialising in cooking with coal, wood & smoke."
They have a smallish menu but do everything brilliantly imo. I had Venison Sushi to start while some in the party had crab tacos, some had ribs and others their scallops served on a piece of smoking charcoal (which I had once too). All was delicious. For mains some had pulled pork burritos but most had their burger topped with pulled pork...without doubt the best burger I have ever had, no question. They also use brisket to top their burgers sometimes.

This is a Iink to the current menu

I'd be interested to know whether anyone else has eaten here.

Finally, you are assured that I have no connection to this restaurant other than as a very happy punter :P
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