Smokies - Brighton

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Smokies - Brighton

Postby Tiny » 13 Aug 2014, 16:37

Right chaps,
This was a sort of accidental visit, had talked the family into a day out in brighton with the intention of hitting the BBQ shack at worlds end....but a lack of lunchtime action coupled with Mrs T reading the trip advisor reviews that suggested the venue a touch "blokey" put paid to that plan. My own Trip advisor searching skills found smokies and everything seemed in order.

Myself and the eldest lad went for the smokies platter at £17.95 per head, so expectations of generosity were high......and were well met!
Start at the low point
The chicken thigh was good and meaty but the skin suffered terminal flaccidity and no-one wants that, meat just a touch dry but good flavour profile.

Armadillo eggs
An jalepno stuffed with cheese, wrapped in an home made sausage meat and bacon....what is there not to like? Jalapeno was still testurally stimulating and delivered a punch, the obviously homemade sausage meat was seasoned lovely and they were a great eat.

Hot links
Great snap on the skin, flavour significant of fennel seed and a long building finish on the heat. These might not have been for all, fennel put the lad off but myself and Mrs T thought them excellent.

Oh MY! 4 mahoosive spares between us, if you like to gnaw the bone you would be saddened as the bone fell out but what remained was an unctuous solid meaty rib, the tips all meltingly gooey....not over sauced either these were such a lovely eat just flavour tastic.

Pulled pork
Proper proper proper melting, chunks of bark therein sensibly sauced, just keep shovelling...repeat to fade...

Came with fries , I managed 4 from the bucket, and good honest fresh slaw. Didn't finish it and have an container of pp in my fridge.

Dinner was complimented with an draft Boston lager and an draft American pale ale. Also had an interesting selection of bottled beers. Sauces on the table were standard fayre the homemade bbq sauce I thought a tad sweet at first but balanced the flavour profile nicely.

Was it really smoky? not as much as home made but it was there..the smoke ring? I cant see and forgot to ask someone to look!

They are using an FEC 120 (waiter - first time anyone has asked!) so reckon this is the genuine article and will return soon.

Cheers Tiny
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Re: Smokies - Brighton

Postby aris » 14 Aug 2014, 08:40

Sounds good Tiny - will definitely give this a go next time we have a day out in Brighton!

The only thing missing from that selection are beef ribs - my personal favourite.
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Re: Smokies - Brighton

Postby essexsmoker » 15 Aug 2014, 19:41

Sounds good. Don't get there often, but sounds well worth a try.
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