Tomato & basil marinade for chicken and vegetables.

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Tomato & basil marinade for chicken and vegetables.

Postby MadBeef » 10 Jun 2014, 15:50

This is great for chicken and veg. What I usually like to do is dice up some chicken, quarter some mushrooms and get some good onion chunks, peppers and cherry tomatoes, maybe some courgette slices and marinade them all in this sauce before skewering them and slinging them on the barbie.

Even great without the chicken for any vegetarians.

Right, you need:

Half a cup of balsamic vinegar.
The same of tomato puree
A good glug of olive oil
Plenty of fresh ground salt and black pepper (probably like a teaspoon of each)
Massive handful of basil leaves
2 or 3 minced garlic cloves.

Blitz it all up and then use it as a marinade. Simple.

It's also good as just a general chicken marinade for butterflied breasts etc but I prefer to do the kebabs.

As they char on the grill, I baste them with any leftover marinade.

Chilli is a good addition for something a little more arrabiata style.

Bon appetit.
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