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Re: Regional Rubs

Postby noxskuses » 13 Mar 2013, 14:42

Pecker wrote:Have you thought of doing the ribs without any rub at all, or just a bit of s&p. Steve W

Some of the top pitmasters in the USA use nothing but salt and pepper..they let the smoke do the talking!

I've heard it said several times that great bbq comes from what you leave out, and not what you put in.
Got Wood!
Got Wood!
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Re: Regional Rubs

Postby FGavitt » 27 May 2014, 17:03

One thing that a lot of regions, especially the Carolinas like to do is spray the racks with apple juice for sweetness and bark or apple cider vinegar for the tang. Although not a rub, they also like to make a simple sauce of vinegar and red pepper flakes, it would be interesting to try malt vinegar I think
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