Breakfast/Side - Avocado Eggs

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Breakfast/Side - Avocado Eggs

Postby PyroBoris » 23 Feb 2015, 11:55

well, not sure exactly where to post this as I ate this for breakfast, but could be a side?

Mashed Avocado with Mexican Scrambled Eggs

1 ripe Avocado cubed and gently mashed, add a squeeze of lime juice and season with salt & pepper

3 beaten eggs, seasoned with salt & pepper, 2 pinches of smoky chipotle powder, 2 pinches of ancho chilli powder and 1 pinch of jalapeno powder.

Knob of butter in a frying pan, chuck in the egg mixture and scramble to your liking (I prefer them to ride the meniscus of just setting, ie nice and creamy) - adjust chipotle, ancho chilli and jalapeno to suit your own taste.

Eat and enjoy, I know I did!

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Got Wood!
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