Sourdough - getting started

Got a recipe for a killer 'Slaw or some hearty BBQ beans? Maybe you make some killer ABT's or something more inventive. This is the place to post your recipes.

Re: Sourdough - getting started

Postby noxskuses » 11 Mar 2013, 14:28

Here's another easy recipe and instructions; ... ead-recipe

Real easy to follow and makes great bread.

Their family sourdough culture is over 50 years old!
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Re: Sourdough - getting started

Postby bencops » 13 Mar 2013, 07:49

My wife keeps a wheat and a second 100% rye starter in the fridge going all the time, all her recipes are from the excellent book by dan lepard ... 855&sr=1-1

After many years of cooking them she says the secret is a tin of water under the bread as it cooks. Weve tried it in the kamado joe and in the oven with the water is better.

That book is great tho, get it.
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