Our first bread on the Kamado Joe

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Our first bread on the Kamado Joe

Postby KamadoSimon » 16 Apr 2012, 08:07

Decided to try & bake some bread on the Kamado Joe last night to go with our sea bass.

Standard white bread dough (mixed with a bread maker) & left to prove for a good few hours. Got the KJ up to 650F with the heat deflector & pizza stone in. Sprinkled some course polenta flour on the pizza stone so the dough didn't stick & cooked it like this for 10 minutes before testing. In the end it had about 18 minutes. It was delicious with olive oil & sea salt sprinkled on. Definitely a success & will do it again - maybe with some more adventurous ingredients in the bread.

I did pop some oak chips in some foil to give a bit more of a wood oven flavour - not sure that really came through as strong as I would like though. So need to think how I would change that part of it next time - I think some bigger chunks of wood burning longer before I put the bread on would do it.

Some piccys:

The bread dough after proving:

The bread after baking on the KJ:
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Re: Our first bread on the Kamado Joe

Postby BigM » 16 Apr 2012, 09:46

very versatile the Ceramics are goin to try my hand at Soda bread
maybe at weekend. or Do some Yorkshire Pubbings, a gread mod for
the People who make these things maybe is to add a Glass view port
in dome so ya dont have to open them up.
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