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PostPosted: 19 Jun 2016, 21:52
by bondy856
Anybody cooked a lobster on their smoker? I was thinking of getting a couple and covering them in garlic butter and chucking them on, if anyone has done them did you just prep them as you normally would and bang them on?


Re: Lobster?

PostPosted: 06 Jul 2016, 11:23
by Lord Grim
Not sure I'd try Lobster Low and Slow, being very lean and delicate I think you'd just end up with a dry yet greasy, flaky, inedible mess.
Much better to split it, throw it on an inferno hot grill with a bit of garlic butter or chilli oil for a few minutes and munch it in my opinion!

As always though when giving advice about a technique I've never actually tried, I stand to be corrected.

Re: Lobster?

PostPosted: 08 Jul 2016, 10:30
by GingerBen
Not tried it myself but I'd definitely go hot and fast for lobster, shell down over the coals or hot indirect if you can until it looks almost cooked then a quick flash on the flesh side to give it some colour if needed.