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Re: Burgers

PostPosted: 04 Jun 2016, 15:21
by essexsmoker
Lol. :lol:

Actually I can see that the dairylea would be OK, as it's not much different to burger cheese. I don't mind brioche buns either.

It's just the pineapple I'm not mad on, but then I've never been mad on fruit with meat.

Hawaian pizza. Uuurrgghh. :oops:

Re: Burgers

PostPosted: 04 Jun 2016, 18:10
by Pompey Dinlo
essexsmoker wrote:Thanks gents.

I can only get 20% fat in the value mince. I did try this and it was ok, but too much gristle.

Have to say I normally only grind once. Might try a second grind. Never even heard of PAD beef, what's that?

PAD beef is 'peeled and defatted', a pack of various pieces of beef that has had membrane and most of the fat removed. It's a bit of a gamble as you never know what you're going to get. I bought a pack today from Booker (after reading this thread) and asked the butcher for some extra beef fat. He gave me some of the fat cap from a piece of rump he was preparing. I got it home and was pleasantly surprised to find it consisted mostly of skirt so I minced it all with half of the beef fat, seasoned it with S&P (a little too much salt having cooked a piece but it might be tempered with the addition of the bun, lettuce etc) and made six patties for tomorrow's lunch. I bagged the rest up and calculated I can get 22 burgers out of a pack of PAD that cost approx. £10.

Re: Burgers

PostPosted: 04 Jun 2016, 21:26
by essexsmoker
I asked the butcher at my Booker and he didn't even know! Think the butcher must choose what they stock, because they don't stock it in the shelf at mine anymore.

Re: Burgers

PostPosted: 17 Jul 2016, 19:45
by bikerbear
Highly recommend this recipe book: Hamburger Gourmet ... IxbG5T64FH

Loads of great tips from a burger joint.

In my experience, chuck and skirt are a good combo. 20-30% fat.

Minimal handling of patty, 1/4 lb each max. A big dimple in one side (think ufo) seems to help cook evenly.

Nothing else but a bit of seasoning before placing on screaming heat. Flipped over once, and not pressed!

Cooked to medium (quite fatty so well done is forgiving). Left to rest for a few mins; normally make the burger up and place it in the BBQ/oven whole for a few mins to warm through.

Loads of recipe variations but simple is king! Pesto spread on the bun and a slice of mozzarella on the flipped patty goes down well..

Brioche buns are good, but can sometimes fall to bits if toasted as they are mostly butter!

My favourite are a milk bun recipe (baked on the BBQ) which I learned on a Hobbs House course!

Morrisons standard mince (cling filmed in store) is all chuck, but probably not aged for that long, but is fairly course and has a good level of fat.

Each to their own!

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Re: Burgers

PostPosted: 12 Aug 2016, 15:40
by Nutty
Good to see the burger thread still going! :)

I've been buying some quite nice fore-ribs of beef. 900g to 1.2kilos for bbqing with. Now if you don't take the rib-cap off it ends up overcooking compared to the main rib-eye on the bone, so I've started taking them off.

I now have 3 good sized rib-caps in the freezer that I think I'm going turn into burgers this weekend. I'm hoping it should be good! :)

With regards to brioche buns falling to bits, I agree, I always cut mine off centre so the bottom section is thicker and then the beefy juices doesn't render it useless quite as quick..

Re: Burgers

PostPosted: 26 Aug 2016, 14:04
by Lord Grim
So how did the fore-rib burgers go?

Re: Burgers

PostPosted: 05 Sep 2016, 19:37
by Nutty
Flavour wise great, appearance wise not soo great.

My mincer is utterly useless as well. I've got that white one from John Lewis, it always gets stuck on the slightest bit of sinew, I thought I had trimmed it all off but it still got stuck. I could've probably minced it with a knife quicker than that thing!

Ah well, I got there in the end and I think I've learned not to mince the fat in with the meat, because you just end up with pink mince. Should probably mince the beef and fat separately and then combine afterwards.

Contemplating investing in a better mincer, if I do I reckon I could reach perfection with a few more attempts :)

Re: Burgers

PostPosted: 06 Sep 2016, 06:25
by Pompey Dinlo
I bought a mincer from Lidl for my 'garden kitchen' thinking it would do the job as every other kitchen gadget I've bought from there has worked fine......utterly useless.

I also have a mincer attachment for my Kenwood mixer and it will deal with anything you throw at it, fantastic bit of kit.