Advice for a newbie

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Advice for a newbie

Postby MatthewStevens » 09 Aug 2017, 11:44

Hello All,

I am all green and cabbage looking when it comes to Smoking. I have just got me self a 18" WSM and need some advice. My first cook was 2 x hot and fast chickens with a homemade italian dry rub which turned out amazing, cooking method was from the virtual weber bullet site .

Now i want to attempt a pulled pork and ribs for a party at the weekend again both recipes are from the virtual weber bullet site

Basic baby back ribs


pork but championship injection

Do you think im jumping in too deep for my second cook?


Is it ok to add more apple wood to the WSM to flavour the ribs even though the shoulder is in there and has already had wood smoke?, or will the shoulder get too smokey?

thanks in advance

Still Raw Inside
Still Raw Inside
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Re: Advice for a newbie

Postby Tiny » 14 Aug 2017, 07:14

Morning chap,
I think you are aiming dead centre for your next cook. My advice would be leave more time than you expect, I would always wrap my pork so there would be no issue with the extra wood but I am sure I have read somewhere that after a few hours the porse on the outside of the pork close and it doesn't take on any more smoke.

Would also suggest there isn't much overlap on the 2, Opork keeps hot for hours and as I like to pull mine by hand I need it to cool down a bit first

So think you are spot on, go well and enjoy
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