Kitchen oven or gas bbq

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Kitchen oven or gas bbq

Postby rogertb » 05 May 2018, 06:38

Well I hope nobody is offended by my post but I've just dragged my Spirit E-210 out of the garage for the new season, it has a new position in the garden not many feet from the back door and ... yes ... the kitchen. I seem to remember a couple of occasions last year when I thought "I'm sure this chicken would have cooked better in the kitchen oven" !

Am I missing something here ? I used to have a charcoal version and appreciated the interesting grilled 'taste' but don't feel that I'm getting much advantage with gas ... I must be doing something wrong. The novelty of standing around outside is good and the grandkids enjoy it. Rotisserie (which I cant do in the oven) appeals but the Weber one would mean a second mortgage.

Be gentle with me.
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