beef brisket portion which end to chose

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beef brisket portion which end to chose

Postby nickrenn » 03 Aug 2016, 21:51

Hi All

this is my first enquiry here so lets see how it goes :)

I want to low 'n' slow a brisket on Friday but i'm only cooking for 4, i don't mind left over but a full packer at 5-6kg is a bit over the top. i've only done this once before and with a full packer, worked a treat, after 18hrs on an off set smoker.

So my question is which bit do you go for if you are asking the butcher to give you 2/2.5kg. Is it the Point or the Flat or a cross section?

i am assuming its going to spend 3-4hrs per kg (1/1.5hr per lb) on a snake system kettle bbq.

Any advice would be great as i'm off to chose tomorrow.


Still Raw Inside
Still Raw Inside
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