To go Weber or not ........ this is the question!

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To go Weber or not ........ this is the question!

Postby Moonie#5 » 23 Jun 2016, 12:29

So, after years of relatively disaster free charcoal BBQing - I'm planning on hopping on a gas powered steed.

I intend to BBQ once a week and once a weekend - weather permitting. My BBQ will be stored in a garage for the winter months and under a cover when outside. Usually cook for 2 but also up to 8 or 10 sometimes s- so was thinking a 3 burner. Also want to be able to do rotisserie chicken. Budget is ideally £200ish - However, with sufficient evidence the purse strings could be release to the £400 mark.

Done plenty of internet searching and have come to the following conclusions:
Landmann, Outback - basically most of the cheaper brands from the usual suspect DIY shops are to be avoided.
Weber is the dogs danglers.

So I've narrowed the field to a few runners.
For £240 delivered - it looks a decent solid bit of kit.,default,pd.html
For £190 delivered - looks to be the same business end as above but on a slightly weaker support base with 2 wheels not casters.

I have found it for £400 delivered.

I have heard that the Weber brand was built on solid quality from being made in the USA - but these lower cost ones are made in China from inferior steel and less attention to detail.

Would the Weber be twice as good and last twice as long as either of the CharBroil machines?

I don't want to come across to friends as an "all the gear and no idea"

Any opinions welcome.

Still Raw Inside
Still Raw Inside
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Re: To go Weber or not ........ this is the question!

Postby essexsmoker » 27 Jun 2016, 14:07

Weber probably isn't going anywhere anytime soon... what's the warranty? If it's 10years or somthing then doesn't matter how it's made cos you have the warranty. Just check what is covered.
Plus you will need spare parts at some point and Weber are more likely to be supported, if nothing else by 3rd parties.
Rubbed and Ready
Rubbed and Ready
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Re: To go Weber or not ........ this is the question!

Postby Tiny » 28 Jun 2016, 17:58

I had 2 Outback Gassers and I thought they were excellent value, paid about £300 for them. I think you have to go and feel the steel to get the absolute answer.

But Webers never fail and you have a decent warranty so I would buy the Weber.......Cheers Tiny
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Rubbed and Ready
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