Pellet smoker fuel

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Re: Pellet smoker fuel

Postby Tiny » 19 Jun 2016, 09:26

Don't think it really matters, realised I haven't tried all the pellets as found an unopened bag of cookshack oak, will let you know as currently there is an 7lb brisket on the beast
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Re: Pellet smoker fuel

Postby essexsmoker » 19 Jun 2016, 20:52

The smoke doesn't really sink into the meat, it just sits on the surface AFAIK.
The smoke ring isn't smoke.

Just use a blend of the bags, maybe fruit with gold if the gold is too heavy. Personally I wouldn't faff about.
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Re: Pellet smoker fuel

Postby Chris__M » 20 Jun 2016, 18:51

Tiny wrote:Liverpool wood pellets are cheap but I have never given them a go.

I have used the "Lil Devils" pellets they sell. I quite like them, although I feel they are quite mild. - at first I found them a bit meh, in terms of not being very pronounced in taste, but then I got used to them, and grew to like them.

They are definitely a bargain pellet.

The only reason I am not using them is that twice I have had orders placed with LWP, and simply not heard anything from them. Both times, they were out of stock, but they didn't inform me of of this - just acknowledged the order and then sat on it, until - weeks later - I called them to ask where the pellets were. "Oh, we're still waiting, it's going to be another 6 weeks".

When it happened the second time, it peeved me enoough that I simply cancelled the order and switched back to ABC.
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