BIG Ribs, newbie advice please!

Feel free to ask any questions, one of the experts will certainly respond, don't be afraid to ask anything, we were all beginners at some point.

BIG Ribs, newbie advice please!

Postby Ant Gaff » 10 Jun 2016, 18:26

Hi all

I have recently got myself a ProQ Frontier Elite and am new to smoking. First run I did 3 chickens and a rake of sausages which were good. Second run i did 3 big pork shoulders on a camping trip which didnt work out .. i'll post a separate thread to try and get to the bottom of that one.

Tomorrow I'm doing ribs for the footy..I asked the Mrs to pick me up a couple of racks of ribs for us to do. She called me from the butcher's saying this rack of ribs is huge and £17! She brought it home and she wasn't lying... this looks like it could feed 4 hungry wrestlers! I'll post a pic of them shortly.

I have a digital thermometer with internal and external probes and am using Aussie Heat Beads. I got Apple wood chunks.

I am just a little bit daunted at the thickness of these bad boys... are these the usual spare ribs? And any advice regards to smoker and internal temps and how long they might take?? Pic to follow...

Thanks much

Ant Gaff
Still Raw Inside
Still Raw Inside
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