Using a Tandoor as a smoker.

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Using a Tandoor as a smoker.

Postby arowe90 » 13 Feb 2016, 00:24

I will be acquiring a clay tandoor oven for the summer!
I'd love to try some low and slow on it with it being clay walled!
They are built like a UDS but with a clay interior, the fire is lit at the bottom and a control vent at the side.
Could this work like a BIG Green egg?
I've read up that if there not burned up hot enough soot forms on the walls. But this can be removed by running a hot burn through it.

Any feedback would be great and any tips! Oh I'm also getting a charcoal basket made for the bottom so the coals just aren't on the oven floor!
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Still Raw Inside
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Re: Using a Tandoor as a smoker.

Postby essexsmoker » 17 Feb 2016, 10:10

I was thinking that you could get a lot of oil and crud build up inside, which might make naans taste funny.

If it wasn't my unit i wouldn't go there.
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