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Kamad Big Joe

PostPosted: 14 Jan 2016, 23:45
by Kenfrazi
Hi all, been a while since ive been on here so I thought id drop a quick line.
Ive had my Big joe since last year and wow its better than I could of imagined.
Im cooking on it at least twice a week..even in this weather!.
My mates laugh and my charcoal (restaurant grade) supplier scratched his head today when I bought 4 12kg bags off him.
"why dont you wait till its warmer?" he said...PHAH!...i said! :D

My only slight niggle is the felt gasket which is getting quite thin.
I have looked at third party gaskets and they look considerably more robust than the original one.
But in the end I bought the Kamado original gasket. Its not arrived yet so not sure of thickness.

Have any other Kamado owners on here replaced theres yet?
Hints and tips would be welcomed.

Ps ..I wanted to post some pics of my setup but it said under "upload attachments" my file was too big. Is there an easier way to post a pic?


Re: Kamad Big Joe

PostPosted: 15 Jan 2016, 11:20
by GingerBen
Don't have one (yet) so can't help on that front but I am in the market for a KJ. Did you decide to get the Big Joe over the classic because you cook for a lot of people regularly or just because you fancied the bigger one for those times when you have a bigger crowd?

I'm sold on a KJ over the other kamado brands out there as they seem the best value to me but not sure on a biggie or the classic.

Re: Kamad Big Joe

PostPosted: 15 Jan 2016, 14:09
by Kenfrazi
I bought the Big Joe in the end.
Same as you really ...pondering over the extra cost to size ratio.
I dont have large parties around but a few mates.
To be honest I use most of the grill all of the time, whether its just to move food off the direct heat.
Im glad I got the Big Joe, in fact im quite sure I would have thought I had made a mistake if I had bought the classic.

Be warned though..its a biggy when it arrives...make sure you have a way to get it into your garden.
I had to unpack it on the front, fit it in to the wheeled frame and it through the gate!

Im used to its size now and it doesnt seem as large as it did when it arrived.

Like to post a picture ..but no idea how! :shock:

Re: Kamad Big Joe

PostPosted: 18 Jan 2016, 11:02
by GingerBen
I think I may end up going for the Big Joe to be honest. I went and looked at some BGE's at the weekend as there is a stockist near me and the large of those is the same as the KJ classic and whilst it's a decent size I think I may need a bigger area occasionally so the Big Joe would be the best option. I've seen the XL BGE as well which is the same as the Big Joe and it was a monster! Going to make my kettle and pellet grill look like kids toys lol

Re: Kamad Big Joe

PostPosted: 25 Jan 2016, 16:17
by QueFrescoPaul
For tips on how to replace the gasket, this webpage covers it pretty much -