Topside Top Rump, How to Cook?

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Topside Top Rump, How to Cook?

Postby Sherbet66 » 28 Aug 2015, 07:44

Meat: 2.5kg Topside Top Rump (unrolled)

Cooker: Kamado Joe (Big)

Possible Options (all indirect):

Slowish with smoke (330F)
Low and Slow with smoke (250-275F)
Hot and Fast (500F)

Doing the Sunday roast on the Big Joe for the first time with the top rump I'm not sure of the best option for this, I'm looking to take this to medium (160F internal). Does anyone have any idea what would be the best method for this cut? I'm going for a basic salt and pepper rub, nothing fancy. With the hot and fast I'd have an option to have the grill half and half to char the meat and then finish indirect. Any help appreciated.
Still Raw Inside
Still Raw Inside
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Re: Topside Top Rump, How to Cook?

Postby Kiska95 » 28 Aug 2015, 09:45

Hi there me old Sherbet,

Rump is a funny one to do but have a look at this experiment by WADE (BBBQS Member). Test comparison on a rump cook ... a-top-rump

Hope it helps
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Twisted Firestarter
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