Lighting my Lump with a Chimney

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Re: Lighting my Lump with a Chimney

Postby Tibbs » 21 Aug 2015, 16:19

Rather late I know, but I got a box of Big K Restaurant Grade from Ocado. It was amazing stuff - some bits that came out were whole branches! ... _SHELFVIEW

I'm pretty sure I didn't pay £25, but I'd probably pay that if I couldn't find it cheaper anywhere else.
Still Raw Inside
Still Raw Inside
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Re: Lighting my Lump with a Chimney

Postby Chasing blue smoke » 05 Oct 2015, 21:42

Later post. Another way you can cleanly light a chimney is by dipping 2 cotton balls in isopropyl alcohol and placing under charcoal.just be careful the flame is hard to see.The snake or minion method is great for long cooks. I have gotten 7-8 hrs burn times using a charcoal basket i built out of expanded metal and using the minion or snake method.
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Chasing blue smoke
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Got Wood!
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