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If your food does not turn out the way you wanted, or the way you expected, check the list below for a solution, I will be adding more info as I find it.

Not enough smoke flavor
Increase amount of wood
No smoke ring
Rub with dry suring salt, let stand for 1 hour before smoking, rinse, dry and smoke
Uneven cook
Load meat with light meats at bottom and heavier cuts on top
Poultry too dark, skin tastes bitter
Decrease amount of wood
Poultry has mushy texture
Dry poultry thoroughly before smoking
Cracked skin on poultry
Rub skin with oil, mayonaise or salad dressing before smoking
Ribs not dark enough
Increase amount of wood
Ribs not "falling off the bone"
Increase cooking time, add moisture during cook
Brisket is tough
Use untrimmed briskets and increase cooking time or marinate trimmed briskets for 2 hours each side in sunflower oil before smoking
Vegetables are dark color and bitter tasting
Decrease amount of wood
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