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WANTED WANTED: Green Mountain Grill

PostPosted: 06 Sep 2017, 08:36
by thedudeisonline
Like the topic says, I'm looking to source a Green Mountain Grill - either the mid sized Daniel Boone or the larger Jim Bowie.

Wifi is preferred, stay smokey my friends.

I'm located in Suffolk!

Re: WANTED WANTED: Green Mountain Grill

PostPosted: 26 Sep 2017, 14:20
by Chris__M
Best place to get one is the American BBQ Company, who are GMG's agents in the UK.

My recommendation would be to go for the Daniel Boone, and if you find you need more grill area, then buy the little Davy Crockett later.

Why? The price difference between the Daniel Boone and the Jim Bowie is about £210. For £399, you can buy the Davy Crockett.

Combined, the DB and DC have slightly more grill area than the JB, and it gives you two independantly controlled grill areas - great if you want to slow cook one thing while hot grilling something else. It also means that when you are just cooking for 2-4 people, you can use the smaller grill and save pellets.

Finally, the Davy Crockett is actually portable - it is heavy, but folds up and is manageable, and it will run off a car battery. So mine goes on holiday with me, in the back of the car!

Re: WANTED WANTED: Green Mountain Grill

PostPosted: 12 Jul 2018, 19:41
by dancing james
Has anyone seen the GMG Crockett in stock anywhere?